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Extraction From Green Organic Plant
Why Choose Us?
Natural skin care product enable your skin to absorb various kinds of natural essences

About Us

Skin Paradise Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia Skincare Company, we operate our beauty, slimming & spa centers via direct outlets and our distributors in the Malaysia and we are the exclusive distributor for the skincare products under the brands of “Skin Paradise“, “Bemani” & ‘Etre Diva” in Malaysia.
We started our service since 2003 at Taman Universiti of Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia. Using products distributed by other companies. With our passion in solving our customer’s skincare issues, we soon attracted a group of supporters from Johor bahru and Singapore, and many of them remains our loyal customers until today.
Our business philosophy is to provide a result oriented products/services to our customers using Natural skincare products as much as we can. Beside, paying attention to the products used, we also focus in training our beauticians, to enable them the ability to assist our customers in formulating a suitable facial treatment for them.
With the increasing complication of skin problems caused by the modern lifestyle, we noticed that the supplied products can not meet the requirement. Thus we started to invest in products R&D and look for oversea products which meet the fundamental requirement of “ Result oriented” and “Being Natural”.
And we now carry the beauty products of “Skin Paradise” ,“BEMANI” and “être Diva” in order to satisfy the different products needs of our customers. And all our products are formulated overseas and imported with the certification of Ministry of Health Malaysia.
Beside beauty and slimming services, we also offer nutrition advices and other personal grooming products/services to our customers. The Skincare-Nutrition treatment is proven to be effective to more complicated skincare issues, the treatment may be times consuming but with rewarding results.
As at May 2014, we have 7 outlets and 25 distributors across the Malaysia and we look forward to continue our expansion to bring our products/services closer to our customers. Although business and products offering had expanded many folds over the decades, our passion and focus in bringing the “Result Oriented & Natural” skincare products and service remains the same. Our commitment toward our customers in making them beautiful remains strong as ever.
VISION: We are making our customers beautiful and we are the important & well trusted skincare brand in the industry, We will continue to develop Result Oriented skincare products/service to benefit our customers and business partners.

A Day in Skin Paradise :

In Skin Paradise, we believe that Result Oriented Products is important, but, a happy-skillfull beauticians is the key to the business success and the key in solving the customers’ skincare issues, thus, it is our everyday job in making sure our beauticians are trained and work and play as hard as they can. (Photos shared are taken during our working days, annual dinners, regular outings and incentive trips)
Joyce has decades of beatician experience in solving all kinds of skincare issues:
  • 2009, she completed "International Overseas Student Exchange Program" for "Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition" by Breyer State University, Alabama, USA.
  • 2010, she completed "Dietician Practicum Program" in Taipei Medical University
  • 2011, she obtained "Bachelor of Professional Studies in Holistic Nutrition" with Global Univerity for Lifelong Learning, California, USA.
  • 2011, she obtained "Certified Iridology Counselor" with CETTIC, China
  • 2011, she completed "Phytobiophysics Advanced Heart Lockt Theory" with The Institute of Phytobiophysics, UK.