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Extraction From Green Organic Plant
Why Choose Us?
Natural skin care product enable your skin to absorb various kinds of natural essences


Facial Treatment

Our trained beauticians will study the customers’ skin condition, and formulate a suitable facial treatment with our products and facial procedures to enable our customers to have a clean and well moistured and radial skin. Our facial treatment includes:

  1. Advance C
  2. Thermocool
  3. Jade Energy
  4. PTF


Body Treatment

Our Slimming Formula has garnered well-received notable results from our customers within a short period of time. The treatment is customized after a thorough consultation is carried out to help identify and analyze your problem areas. And follow a simple steps of detoxing the body and removing inches from the body with the use of our advanced slimming machines. Subsequently, our personalized professional consultants will help to remodel and tone you to that ideal silhouette with a personally designed well-balanced diet throughout your treatment program. Results obtained are effective and long lasting. Our body treatment includes:

  1. Slimming
  2. Spa & Relaxing Massage
  3. Detoxification


Meridian Treatment

We blend the use of traditional chinese medication and model slimming treament into a brand new body slimming and relaxing experience for our customers. The use of traditional chinese medication and knowledge helps us to achieve the result wanted and re-energise our body at the same time. Our services include:
  1. Body Slimming
  2. Jade Energy Navel Treatment
  3. Jade Energy Bust Treatment


Spirit Phytobiophysics

(with Appointment)
The Mossop Philosophy is a new and relevant scientific approach to the problems of mankind that incorporates modern knowledge, traditional therapies and ancient wisdom. Above all it is a means of accurately assessing causal factors of disease. We provide PHYTOBIOPHYSICS treatment to our customers using the Mossop Philosophy (science of plant energy). The use of the infinite energy of plants to restore balance and harmony to people of the world on all levels of consciousness. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.


Body Whitening